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Fic First Readers

A companion community to Fic Finishing

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A companion community to Fic Finishing for First Readers
Welcome to Fic First Readers, a companion community to ficfinishing.

For information about this comm and what we do please visit ficfinishing and read the profile, Welcome message and FAQ to learn more.

Fic Finishing Participants! Please *join* this comm to see the F-locked content! You do not have to watch the comm, in fact it's probably best if you don't as it will be used as more of a reference linked from the main comm.

First Readers! Please visit the Instructions page to learn how to post and maintain your own First Reader page.

Authors! Links will be provided on the main comm for you, but you can use this comm via its fandom specific tags to help find available First Readers for your goal fic.
NOTE: Only contact readers marked with the tag Available. Do not contact readers marked OnHiatus or Unavailable.

For questions, email the mod or post a comment on the Page-A-Mod page.